Irish Titan Process Discover: We've never been accused of being quiet BUT we love to listen. It might be our most important skill. We learn about your business (with some serious active listening). We're looking for pain, potential obstacles, and your exact goals for the project. You tell the tale, we'll write it down. Plan: After a lot of listening, it's time for some action. Outlining, drafting, ideating, all that kind of stuff. If we're building a castle, this is the blueprint stage (or green print as we call it). We hand you a Master Greenprint that covers all your pain, obstacles, and goals that we heard. It also covers responsibilities, budget, and delivery timeline Execute:Somehow, this is the easy part. We know how your business works, we've felt your pain, we have a plan. Now we just execute the plan. It's so simple. We bring our full suite of engineering, creative, and ecommerce strategists to build that castle big and strong. Your project is managed...by a project manager (huh, that makes sense). They make sure we hit that timeline and budget to a T. After that, it's all about growing the kingdom.


Performance Marketing - Real-time data to drive powerful creative and marketing outcomes. Design: Creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to people. Engineering: Strong, responsible code and integrations. Do it right, or don't do it all.



Read how Irish Titan worked with FORCE America has seen a major reduction in the time that salespeople have spent managing small orders, freeing them up to focus on larger orders. Overall, the buying process was massively simplified for customers, making it easier to find the exact fitting and components they need.

Read how Irish Titan worked with the Tradehome team to design, architect, and develop a new ecommerce storefront (with refreshed branding!) that met their unique business requirements.