Seamless omnichannel experiences are now table stakes for retailers. As costs and competition rise, Retail Tech helps teams overcome complex challenges and provides scalability for growth.While Assemble is officially a company, we operate as a small community with both stakeholders and shareholders. Stakeholders are like our team's families, people in our cities and states, our clients and industry. And this perspective keeps us focused on the next quarter century, not just the next financial quarter. This keeps us focused on building up our community for the long term by focusing on people.


Many businesses settle for poor technical experiences. With the rise in competition and ever-changing customer behavior, these experiences cause losses in sales and customers. No more! Assemble builds seamless technical experiences for your customers and employees.


Read how Chrono came to Assemble with a team, an ambitious product roadmap, and a passion for inspiring smokers to quit. Seeking iOS technical leadership, we became an extension of Chrono’s team, process, and culture. Team integration was fundamental in a successful collaboration; while Chrono focused on existing infrastructure and domain expertise (research and marketing around regulated drug delivery), Assemble delivered technical direction, implementation, and support.

Read how: Stori Coffee, a new startup with several wholesale accounts, wanted to create a direct-to-consumer channel via an e-commerce store, with the ability to scale and expand to Amazon.